Mineral Insulated Mighty-Tuff® Strip Heaters

Image of Mineral Insulated Might-Tuff® Strip Heaters
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Durable Design

Long service life in hostile environments.

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High Performance

Maximum Exposure Temp, Power Off, 1200°F (648° C).

MIS Mineral Insulated Mighty-Tuff® Strip Heaters

MIS Mighty-Tuff® Strip Heaters

The Mighty-Tuff® Strip Heater provides high temperatures, extreme watt densities and quick responses in applications where previously, any other type of strip heater could not possibly be considered. Heat is transferred rapidly from the resistance element to the sheath for lower internal temperatures and long life because of the compaction of the component materials. In the most difficult application or in normal use, the Mighty-Tuff® will significantly improve strip heater performance. Careful consideration in clamping strip heaters to the surface is necessary to provide adequate heat dissipation.

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