ChromaMelt Snow Melting Controllers

Chromamelt control panel
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About the Product

The Chromalox ChromaMelt line of controls offer smart and easy control of a Snow & Ice Melting system. Enable CS-AS (ambient snow sensor) or a 3rd party snow sensor. Upon receiving a signal from a snow sensor/s, the ChromaMelt controller activates contactors, energizing heating elements according to a preset DIP switch configuration. The adjustable hold-on timer continues system operation for up to 10 hours after snow stops to ensure complete snow melting. Typical applications include driveways, sidewalks, loading docks, stairs, pavements and gutters.

ChromaMelt Snow Melting Controller

+  Automatic control and power distribution for deicing and snow melting
+  User friendly interface
+  Integrated electronic controller with back-lit LCD display
+  Multiple snow sensor input
+  Integrated adjustable ground fault
+  Adjustable set-points, Upper and Lower Limit Temperature, Hold On/OFF Delay, Manual On and Time Splitting between zones
+  Sequencing zones option – Enables larger snow melting area with reduced power consumption on site
+  Technician testing / commissioning mode for a quick, easy system test, all year round (even during summer or at high temperature)
+  2, 4, and 5 Contactor Designs
+  ETL Certification (US and Canada)

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