ADH/ADHT Flanged Duct Heaters

ADH w/ third paty
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Quick Install

Designed for faster installation to reduce your labor time

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Durable Design

Long service life in hostile environments

ADH (800°F) & ADHT (1200°F) High Temperature Air Duct Heaters

Long Life Metal Sheath Tubular Elements

High grade INCOLOY® sheath material for excellent corrosion/oxidation resistance at high operating temperatures. Sturdy Metal Sheath Elements minimize problems associated with similar open coil resistance wire units.

High Purity Magnesium Oxide

The elements are filled with highest purity blends of magnesium oxide refractory (MgO) compacted to a rock hard density to ensure good thermal conductivity and electrical insulation resistance.

Gas Tight Design (Optional)

Threaded fittings with fiber washers attach heating elements to the flange preventing leakage of ducted air into terminal housing.

Overtemperature Protection

Thermocouple welded to the element sheath surface and wired to a terminal block allows for accurate overheat protection. Standard Type K thermocouple on ADHT high temperature heaters.

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