Remote Control Unit

Remote Control Unit
  • Remote System Status Indication
  • Convenient Manual Control for Melting Problem Areas
  • Low Cost
  • Simple Installation

The RCU Remote Control Unit is a compan-ion accessory to the EUR-5, APS-3C and the APS-4C Snow/Ice Melting Controllers. The RCU provides a convenient and economical means to both monitor and manually control a snow/ice melting system from a remote lo-cation. The integral heater cycle push button operates heaters for the hold-on time setting on the host Control Panel, permitting tracked slush or drifted snow to be cleared indepen-dent of prevailing meteorological conditions. LEDs provide indication of system power supply and heater operation.

The RCU Remote Control Unit employs an attractive single gang metallic device plate suitable for both flush and surface installations. The RCU interfaces with its host Control Panel via a NEC Class 2 circuit which may have an installed length as great as 2,000' (609.6m) utilizing 2-conductor #18 AWG jacketed cable.

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389773 RCU-3 Remote Control Unit used with Buy Now
389909 RCU-4 Remote Control Unit Buy Now
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