Satellite Contactor

Satellite Contactor
  • To be Used in Conjunction with APS-4C Units Only
  • Modular Power Control of Automatic Snow Melting Systems
  • Staged Heater Operation for High Power Quality
  • Energy Management Computer (EMC) Interface
  • Compatible with MI, Constant Wattage and Self‑Regulating Heaters
  • 30mA Ground Fault Protection
  • Heater Hold-On and Test Capabilities
  • C-UL-US
  • Simple To Install And Operate
  • Low System Costs
  • Minimum Energy Costs

The SC–40C Satellite Contactor answers the need for cost effective modular snow melting heater control. One or more SC–40Cs, when used with an APS–4C Control Panel acting as the master control, allow for modular snow melting system design. There is no limit to the number of SC–40Cs that can be interfaced in a single system. This approach reduces front end design, hardware and installation costs while providing a number of useful features that would be otherwise too expensive and complex to implement.

The SC–40C provides the same advanced patented and patent pending Ground Fault Equipment Protection (GFEP) as required by the USA and Canadian National Electric codes that is found on the APS–4C. Upon sensing a ground fault condition, an SC–40C inhibits operation of it's contactor until manually reset. Circuits without a ground fault continue to operate normally thus partitioning defective heaters.

The adjustable hold-on timer can initiate heater operation on each SC–40C for up to 10 hours to ensure complete melting and to compensate for differences between zones. The optional RCU–4 Remote Control Unit can be located where system operation can be conveniently observed. It duplicates many of the controls and indicators on the SC–40C front panel.

Each SC–40C provides a complete energy management computer (EMC) interface. This feature provides remote access for advanced applications requiring remote or zone control along with remote annunciation.

Each SC–40C maintains communications to and from the APS–4C using a 3-wire cable. Thus, the APS–4C alarms ground faults occurring anywhere in the system. The SC–40C also inserts a short time delay between the operation of each contactor thus improving power quality by limiting the inrush current. The RCU–4 Remote Control Unit supplied permits overriding zone control in applications requiring the capability.

The SC–40C is interchangeable with the earlier SC–40. For complete information describing its application, installation and features, please contact your local Chromalox sales office.

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