Outdoor Pavement Snow Sensor with Modbus-BACnet

Outdoor Pavement Snow Sensor with Modbus-BACnet
  • Each sensor measures temperature, detects snow and sends the information via Modbus to an Intellitrace CIP panel
  • Electronic Snow and Ice Sensor
  • Energy Efficient Algorithm
  • 24VAC 0perated
  • Up to 4 Snow Sensors can be Daisy Chained into One ChromaMelt Controller
  • 4 Wires Installation – 30 ft. Cable Supplied with the Sensor
  • Simple User Interface for Parameters Set from Controller
  • Adjustable RH Sensitivity from Controller
  • Technician Testing/Commissioning Mode for Easy and Fast System Test all Year Long (even during summer or at high temp)
  • RoHS
  • ETL Certification (US and Canada)
  • Chromalox Commercial Heat Trace Sensors

The CS-PS is a stylish, smart and reliable Snow and Ice sensor. Installed in pavement and outdoors, it measures the temperature and detects snow, sending the information via the controller to the heating system.

The CS-PS is connected to the Snow Melting Controller with a 30 feet (10 m.), 24V 4 wire cable and communicating with the controller, providing the temperature value and the snow detection based on the adjustable parameters.

The measured temperature and the snow detection are visible on the controller display.

The ChromaMelt system can work with up to 4 CS-AS, CS-PS or CS-GS Snow Sensors daisy chained one after the other and link the 4 output zones of snow melting to the controller.

Each snow sensors must have different MAC (Media Access Control) address in order to communicate with the main board.

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