Satellite Contactor

Satellite Contactor
  • Low Cost Control of Larger Snow Melting Systems
  • Contactor Rating of 50 Amps Per Pole
  • Supply Options: 208, 240, 277 and 480 volts
  • Single and Three-Phase Power Control
  • Ground Fault Equipment Protection with Adjustable Trip Levels: 30mA, 60mA or 120mA
  • UL Listed, CSA Certified
  • Self-Test Feature
  • Simple Installation
  • Low Cost

The patented SC-40C Satellite Contactor is a power control peripheral for a APS-4C Snow Switch and similar Environmental Technology, Inc. products. The APS-4C Snow Switch operates the SC-40Cs whenever its contactor operates. That is, during snow and for the hold-on time thereafter.

The integral ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) along with a test/reset facility ensure safety along with NEC and local code compliance. Partitioning heater loads for multiple SC-40Cs prevents the nuisance GFCI tripping that is often unavoidable when controlling a large system with a single contactor. The selftest facility operates heaters for one minute with a duty cycle limited to 33% for safer heater testing during the summer months.

An APS-4C operates up to ten SC-40Cs. The size and location of the heaters determines the number of SC-40Cs required. The APS-4C and its SC-40Cs can be separated by up to 1,000ft (305m).

Supply voltage options include 277 volt single-phase, 208-240 volts 3 phase, or 277/480 volt 3 phase, with a contactor rating of 50 amps per pole. For installation simplicity, SC–40C control wiring is NEC Class 2.

The SC-40C’s non-metallic enclosure is rated for protected NEMA 3R locations in the temperature range of -40˚ to 160˚F (-40˚ to 60˚C).

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