Hot-Water Maintenance Heat Trace Cable

Hot-Water Maintenance Heat Trace Cable
  • Hot Water Maintenance for Temperatures up to 140°F
  • Heat Output Varies Along Pipe Length to Deliver Heat Where Needed
  • Circuit Lengths up to 800 ft
  • 16 Awg Buss Wires
  • Self-Regulating Conductive Core
  • Fluoropolymer Jackets
  • Wattages at 5 and 10 w/ft
  • 120 and 208-277 V Cable Available from Stock
  • Third-party certifications: FM

The HWM hot water temperature maintenance system utilizes self-regulating heat trace technology. The system, consisting of the self-regulating cable, connection kits and specialized electronic controls, provides commercial buildings with immediate hot water availability without expensive recirculation systems. It provides a simple, yet energy efficient approach by providing heat at the point where heat loss occurs. Due to the parallel construction of the self-regulating cable, it can be cut to any length, spliced, tee-branched and terminated on site. With this product, energy savings may be derived from multiple sources, such as lower supply line heat loss, eliminated return line heat loss, no pump operating costs and no supply water overheating costs.

WARNING — A ground fault protection device is required by NEC to minimize the danger of fire if the heating cable is damaged or improperly installed. A minimum trip level of 30mA is recommended to minimize nuisance tripping.

  • Hot Water Maintenance

  • Energy efficient, self-regulating HWM uses less energy when less heat is required.
  • Easy to install, HWM can be cut to any length (up to max. circuit length) in the field.
  • Field splices can be performed easily in minutes with no scrap or wasted cold sections.
  • HWM can be overlapped without burnout, which simplifies heat tracing of in-line equipment such as valves.
  • Because HWM is self-regulating, over-temperature conditions are minimized.
  • Chromalox termination, splice, tee and end seal kits reduce installation time.


FM approved for hot water maintenance applications

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387250 HWM 10-1CT 120V 10W/FT Buy Now
387305 HWM 5-1CT 120V 5W/FT Buy Now
387313 HWM 10-2CT 240V 10W/FT Buy Now
387348 HWM 5-2CT 240V 5W/FT Buy Now
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