Snow Melt Cables

Snow Melt Cables
  • Operating Voltage: 240V & 480V
  • Output Rating: ± 50 W/ft2
  • Range of Lengths from 84' (25m) up to 500' (152m)
  • Energy Efficient Dual Conductor Heating Cable
  • Rated to a Maximum Temperature of 464˚F (240˚C)
  • Cold Lead Length 16.4' (.164m)
  • Third-party certifications: UL Recognized, CSA

Each roll of snow melt series cable has thick heating wire for embedding in concrete, asphalt, or under pavers. The cables come in maximum 500' (152m) length, providing 50 watts per square foot. The cable has a layer of shielding and insulation, suitable for low temperatures, UV resistant and environmentally friendly, making them ideal for outdoor use.

WARNING — A ground fault protection device is required by NEC to minimize the danger of fire if the heating cable is damaged or improperly installed. A minimum trip level of 30mA is recommended to minimize nuisance tripping.

Features of SMC Cable
  Max. Exposure Temp. (°F)     464
  Max. W/Ft.    50
  Max. Circuit Length (Ft.)    500
  Voltages    Up to 480
  Hazardous Ratings    No
  Cut-to-Length in Field    No
  Field Splicable    No
  Can be Overlapped    No
  Output Varies with Temp.    No
  Varies Output Along Length    No


MI Corrosion Selection Guide
 Moisture   Yes
 Aqueous Solutions of Inorganic Compounds   No
 Liquids Organic Chemicals Acids or Bases   Yes
 Acids or Bases   No


This is a recommendation guide. Chromalox cannot warrant any Electric Heat Trace against failure by sheath degradation if such failure is the result of operating conditions beyond the control of the heater manufacturer. It is the responsibility of the purchaser to make the ultimate choice of sheath material based on knowledge of the chemical composition of the corrosive solution, character of materials entering the solution, and controls which maintains the process.

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512840 SMC-D-480-1000-84 Request a Quote
512858 SMC-D-480-2500-209 Request a Quote
512866 SMC-D-480-4000-342 Request a Quote
512876 SMC-D-480-6000-500 Request a Quote
512882 SMC-D-240-1000-84 Request a Quote
512890 SMC-D-240-2000-168 Buy Now
512903 SMC-D-240-2500-209 Request a Quote
512911 SMC-D-240-3000-251 Buy Now
512920 SMC-D-240-4000-330 Request a Quote
512938 SMC-D-240-5000-420 Request a Quote
512946 SMC-D-240-6000-500 Request a Quote
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