Ammonia Production

Ammonia is a versatile compound with uses that stretch from fertilizers to cleaners, but it’s biggest asset to sustainable energy is its ability to store hydrogen. Storing hydrogen by itself requires extremely high pressures, but when blended with ammonia, can be stored and transported under more manageable and safe conditions. Whether storing ammonia or using it for a variety of industrial processes, Chromalox has the experience necessary to engineer the right thermal solution for you. 

Hydrogen Storage

While hydrogen is a great high energy fuel source, it is very challenging to store the gas. Highly pressurized and low temperature tanks are generally used to store hydrogen which can be expensive and dangerous for transporting or long term storage. As an alternative, hydrogen can be blended with ammonia to improve the conditions needed, as ammonia has a high capacity for hydrogen storage, a high auto-ignition temperature, and low condensation pressure. While the pressure requirement is reduced for storage of ammonia, it must be stored at subzero temperatures which requires heating prior to its industrial uses. Dehydration of moisture formations is critical but elevating the temperatures too high risks flashing the ammonia. Let Chromalox’s team of skilled engineers work with you on identifying the right solution for your application.

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