Renewable Fuels Production

With fossil based fuels being in the spotlight for their harmful emissions, and awareness mounting that they do not have a part in a sustainable future, alternative fuels are being developed to fill the void. Renewable fuels produced from animal fats, vegetable oils, and other organic matter have proven themselves as a viable fuel source with significantly fewer emissions than traditional fossil fuels.

Waste To Fuel

Recycling of plastics and other wastes into fuels is a valuable way to achieve two-fold sustainable benefits. On one hand you’re able to reduce waste that sits in landfills and ultimately provides no value, and on the other you’re able to generate a useable fuel source. Thermal depolymerization and pyrolysis are two processes which use heat to break down plastics and wastes into their core components that can be repurposed into usable fuel. Chromalox high temperature electric heaters provide the critical temperature and control necessary to achieve peak efficiency of waste conversion to fuel.

Biofuel Production

Biodiesel is a clean-burning alternative fuel produced from domestic, renewable resources. Chromalox circulation heaters, tank heaters, heat trace cable, and control panels are all used in the biodiesel production process. Each step requires critical temperature control that is able to be delivered through electric heat. The final biodiesel product contains no petroleum, is biodegradable and nontoxic, and can be used in conventional diesel engines with little or no modifications.

Ethanol Production

Ethanol is mainly known as an alternative fuel for gasoline-powered vehicles. Production involves the processing of various chemicals, water, and mixtures that must be held at exact temperature, then pumped to processing stations. Chromalox heat trace cable, tank heaters, and controls are used to maintain tank and pipeline temperatures during production. Once completed, the ethanol product can then be shipped for final processing that may include beverages, gasoline, or industrial use.

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