Solar Energy

The ability to harness energy from the sun and convert it into power is one of renewable energy’s greatest assets. With the advancement of photovoltaic solar cells and concentrated solar plants, clean energy can be generated almost anywhere globally. Chromalox manufactures precision engineered heat and control systems for each solar application, from raw material processing to module manufacturing and system integration.

The capability of a solar panel to convert solar energy into electricity is only as good as the quality of the panel. Precision manufacturing processes are required to ensure each step is closely managed and controlled. Chromalox’s Component Technologies ensure your quality requirements are met across all process steps from amorphous cell and PV module production, to deposition and lamination. 

Concentrated Solar Plants

Concentrated Solar Plants (CSP) utilize large reflectors or mirrors to direct and concentrate the suns rays onto an absorber pipe that contains a heat transfer medium comprised typically of molten salts or heat transfer oils. The pipes that carry the heated medium must travel great distances from the source of the reflectors to the processing side of the plant. Chromalox high temperature inline heaters, tank heaters, and heat tracing products are ideal for ensuring heat transfer mediums are kept above critical temperatures, both in transportation and storage.

Polysilicon Production

Electric inline circulation heaters are perfectly designed for process heating and essential to polysilicon production. Custom designed to manage high pressures, temperatures, and corrosion, circulation heaters provide pre-heat and superheat for many process materials, from STC and TCS to hydrogen, ammonia, and dopant gases.

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