Wind Energy Production

Energy generated from wind is more efficient and more widely used than solar, however, in colder climates where wind turbines are ideal due to the denser colder air, several issues can wreak havoc on the turbines. With Chromalox’s expansive line of electric heating technologies, we have the right solution to keep your turbines operating in all seasons.


Blade and Nacelle Heating

Colder temperatures are preferred for wind turbine energy production because the denser colder air provides a greater acting force on the turbine blades. However, with colder temperatures comes threat of snow and ice. When precipitation overwhelms a turbine’s blade it can cause imbalance and premature wear on components, or in more extreme cases, seize up the turbine altogether. Chromalox offers a variety of solutions from laminated flexible heaters and heat tracing which can be mounted inside the turbine blades to air heaters for the nacelle housing which ensures internal temperatures are kept at optimal temperatures to prevent ice buildup.


Turbine Manufacturing

Wind turbine blades are massive structural elements commonly comprised of fiberglass and mixed with epoxy resins and other fiber materials to achieve the final product. The epoxy resins act as an adhesive to bind the components together, which requires even heat distribution and temperature management to ensure complete curing. Chromalox flexible heaters and radiant heaters are designed to provide just the degree of heat where needed to promote optimal curing.

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