PIT - Non-Indicating Thermostats

photo of a Non-Indicating Temperature Controller
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Durable Design

Long service life in hostile environments

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Quick Install

Designed for faster installation to reduce your labor time

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Energy Efficient

Optimized for efficiency gains across your processes

About the Product

For a variety of process applications requiring rain-tight or explosion-resistant enclosure, PIT controllers may be used in pipe tracing and snow melting applications with electric heating cable.


PIT - Non-Indicating Temperature Controllers

+  Compact Size
+  Explosion Resistant and Raintight Applications
+  0 - 150°F and 100 - 250°F Temperature Range
+  Single Phase, 120 - 277 Vac
+  Bulb & Capillary
+  UL Listed
+  Opens or closes a circuit on temperature rise.
+  Single pole, double throw (SPDT) snap action switch.
+  Rain-tight gasketed enclosure, Type PIT, is 0.062" steel. Simple mounting on three rubber-cushioned feet. Has adjustable high limit stop. Plain copper bulb and capillary.
+  Capillary Length 10 ft 1/16" Dia.
+  Explosion-proof cast aluminum housing approved for Class I, Group D & Class II, Groups E, F and G applications. External adjusting knob and tin-plated copper bulb and capillary.

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Chromalox heat trace solutions offer a safe, reliable and efficient way for freeze protection and process maintenance of pipes, valves, and tanks in the most extreme conditions.