THL Direct Mount Freeze Protection Thermostats

Heat Trace Freeze Protection Thermostat
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Low Maintenance

Rugged and durable design means intervention is rarely required.

About the Product

THL: NEMA 4X Ambient Air Sensing

Maintaining proper viscosity and flow is critical in heat trace or freeze protection applications. The THR remote mount thermostats utilize a stainless steel bulb and capillary design to accurately sense temperature at key points along a pipe. The THL direct mount thermostats feature liquid-filled thermal assemblies and sense air temperatures from 15 to 140˚F. Both models are epoxy coated to seal from moisture and contaminants in compliance with NEMA 4X requirements. NEMA 7 stats TXR and TXL are designed for Class I, Division I and 2, Groups B, C, D, and Class 2, Division I and 2, Group E, F, G.

WARNING: Hazard of Fire. These devices function as temperature controls only. Because they do not fail-safe, an approved temperature and/or pressure safety control must be used for safe operation.

THL Heat Trace Freeze Protection Thermostats

+  Direct Mount for Freeze Protection (Ambient)
+  22 Amp Resistive Switch
+  Single and Dual Output Models
+  ± 1% Setpoint Repeatability
+  Fast Response for Protection of Valves and Piping
+  NEMA 4X, 7 and 9 Enclosures
+  Third-party certifications: UL Listed, CSA, ATEX


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Chromalox heat trace solutions offer a safe, reliable and efficient way for freeze protection and process maintenance of pipes, valves, and tanks in the most extreme conditions.