High Pressure Seal Gas HeatingHigh-pressure electric process heaters are often used to pre-heat the sealing gas that’s used to remove moisture and prevent condensation from occurring inside of a dry gas seal during operation of a high-speed compressor – where operating pressures can reach into the thousands of pounds per square inch range.

Dry gas seals are non-contacting, dry-running face seals utilized for high speed compressors. A typical application would be the centrifugal compressors used to transfer and distribution natural gas. Unlike traditional wet mechanical seals, there is no contact between the faces of the primary and mating rings. This is accomplished through the use of spiral grooves in the rotary face that “catch” gas as it rotates, generating pressure and creating a dynamic lifting force that separates the faces. As such, frictional heat does not occur between the two surfaces. This sealing gas is injected into the seal to act as the working fluid for the lifting force, and also to provide a barrier between the outside atmosphere and the internal process gas being compressed.

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