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food processing heating
The cleanest and most efficient semi-automated system for deep fat frying of fish was desired by this customer. 
rental construction industry
Chromalox blower heater is rugged and built to operate at various voltages without rewiring.
Start up and Commissioning
Chromalox helps production plant meet third-party standards.
nuclear power plant process heating
To test simulated fuel components, it was necessary to pre-heat carbon dioxide gas, CO2, used as a coolant in a high temperature gas-cooled nuclear reactor.
natural gas industry process heating and controls
A manufacturer who designs, builds and markets natural gas, drying, filtering and conditioning skids required assistance in Factory Acceptance Testing on entire integrated skid in addition to the Acceptance Testing of each component.
canola oil production heating and controls
Chromalox helps 3rd party client design and install a heat trace system in a brand new canola oil processing plant to maintain specific process temperatures while flax seed is processed into canola oil.
Chromalox Case Study: Terephalate - 500
A new production plant was being built for the manufacture of polyester resins used in a multitude of products. The Chromalox engineers developed a solution and installation plan for both accurate heating of a variety of precise temperatures and to save on overall costs.
gas turbine operationg temperature controls
A 92 MW co-generation power plant fueled by natural gas utilized two 46 MW gas turbines that required fuel gas treatment and preheating for increased efficiency.
agriculture industry process heating and controls
Chromalox helps OEM client in farming industries create custom machinery to dry out farming by-products such as corn husks and animal refuse into FDA approved fertilizer and other soil enrichments.
industrial process heating and controls 4
Glass-Lined and Hastelloy® Jackets used in hazardous chemical manufacturing are extremely sensitive to changes in temperature and can easily crack and be destroyed.
industrial injection presses
Accurate temperature control is a vital ingredient in plastic injection molding. 
fuel gas conditioning system heating and controls
Explosion-proof heat trace system provides safe, reliable freeze protection of pipes, valves, tanks in hazardous locations.
train comfort heating 3
An OEM customer in railway car HVAC systems required both overhead heaters with open coil and tubular elements, as well as custom duct heaters to provide safe, reliable and comfortable heat on passenger railway cars.
outdoor storage tank heating and controls
Chromalox control panels are easily configured to accept a signal of current level status from a level controller installed within tanks.
Case Study CBD Solvent Evaporator Heating 01

Process technology and equipment manufacturing companies use Ethanol and other solvents for CBD extraction. One of the critical requirements in solvent based extractions is the ability to recover and reuse the solvent. While some extractors use steam heat exchangers to evaporate and capture solvent, not all facilities have plant steam available.

Case Study CBD Cannabis Oil Extraction 01

Chromalox supplied a circulating hot water system to heat cannabis in an evaporator for the oil extraction process. The previous method did not allow for higher production demands and was not scalable for additional extraction needs.

industrial testing chambers heating and controls
A premier global supplier of environmental test chambers to the scientific, industrial, and defense markets, must design equipment with the capability to perform testing in accordance with a wide variety of test standards.
waste oil heating and controls
A waste oil heater manufacturer was using an existing immersion heater to heat water that would then preheat the oil in the company’s oil heating system used for manufacturing. 
rubber pellets
De-burring the flashing from molded plastic parts is performed in a tumbler. Steam is used as a pickup medium for dust control.
bottle assembly line process heating and controls
In a continuous straight-line bottling facility, bottles are loaded into the line along which a pneumatic cleaning machine automatically removes all foreign matter. 
Chromalox bottle sterilization
For accurate results, maintaining the temperature of hot water, used in thermal shock tests, at a constant temperature of 90° F above incoming cold water. 
coal train
A Missouri coal-fired generating station needed to reduce coal dust in an onsite tunnel.  Approximately 9,000 rail cars of coal pass through the tunnel each month, dumping coal for power generation.

Dolomite is composed of 60% calcium and 40% magnesium and tends to pick up moisture from rain and fog. The previous evaporation method was air-drying which left the company at the mercy of the weather.

nuclear power plant
Inlet temperature of demineralized feed-water must be controlled to properly test heating element. Required temperatures range from not less than room temperature up to 600° F.
biodiesel production heating and controls
Due to this caustic nature of the biodiesel production feedstock, this customer was experiencing process heater failures at a frequency that was unacceptable.
engine preheating
Chromalox helped this transportation industry customer solve an unusual heating system design challenge. A heated water/glycol mixture is used to preheat the engines of the customer's locomotives.
Cryogenic Methane System
A manufacturer of cryogenic systems for use in the aerospace industry had a critical need for a methane conversion system. 
silicon wafer production process heating and controls

An intricate part in the manufacture of electronic components and solar panels, the polysilicon process, requires high temperatures, high pressure and a low flow rate to succeed.

asphalt pavement
Heating viscous fluids speeds loading time of tanker trucks.
printing press image
Dry steam prevents excessive paper moisture in printing process.
hot water thermostat temperature controls
An old-fashioned flame-type 80-gallon water heater could not maintain 750 degree F water temperature to allow quick dissolution of lime in the softening process. 
metal forging heating

Metal parts must be thoroughly cleaned so that paint adheres for a good, lasting finish. This process uses a triclorethylene vapor degreasing method.

oil industry temperature controls

To reduce risk, it was important to preheat fuel oil used for stand-by power in case there was an interruption of natural gas supply.

aerospace industry jet turbine
In an aerospace testing lab, air was to be heated to simulate temperatures from jet engines for the purpose of testing aircraft turbine units.
faux rock wall
For consistent production of imitation landscaping stones, their molds must be heated uniformly.
hydroelectric power generation heating and controls

If dam gates freeze or suffer from ice or snow build-up, it interferes with the operation of the dam to open and close the flood gates as necessary to control the water levels.

synthetic fiber production heating and controls
A North Carolina manufacturer of specialty synthetic fibers used in both home and industrial applications required a custom autoclave for a drying application. 
lipstick beauty industry process heating
Keeping lipstick mixture at optimum temperature during forming process was difficult. 
wastewater processing heaters and controls

Filtration membranes in two waste water treatment tanks at an Iowa ethanol producer were susceptible to damage from freezing temperatures. 

Chromalox Case Study: Chlor Alkali - 500
Chromalox reviews and troubleshoots existing situation at Chlor Alkali processing plant to bring the best process heating solution, insulation and start-up parameters.
asphalt production process heating and controls

A Wyoming manufacturer of road repair “crack-filling” mixtures takes refinery byproducts and processes them into a variety of road crack filling mixtures.

chemical processing systems
A manufacturer of specialty automotive fluids and lubricants located in the southeastern U.S. was in the process of transferring an existing production line to another facility.
solar energy process heating and controls
This solar energy producer uses hot oil and heat exchangers to heat various process materials in the manufacture of polysilicon for solar applications. 
textile industry process heating and controls 3

Impedance heating technology maintains uninterrupted process temperature during generator replacement installation.

Reactor Vessels

The installed system for heating reactors and stills with hot tempering oils was limited in temperature range and could be troublesome. A growing diversity of products required a greater degree of flexibility in temperature range than the hot-oil system could provide. 

gold mining industry heating and controls 3

When mining for gold, hazardous chemicals are held and heated within large storage tanks. Immersion Heaters with replaceable elements avoid the necessity and expense of draining tanks to maintain heaters.

metal chain
Steel chains must be "oil coated" to ensure lasting strength and rust-free delivery. 
Case Study CBD Oil Extraction 01
Chromalox supplied a circulating hot water system to heat cannabis in an evaporator for the oil extraction process. The previous method did not allow for higher production demands and was not scalable for additional extraction needs.
metal grinder
One of the most critical production operations at this plant is the finish-grinding of the hubs and shafts for J57 and J75 jet engines.
chemical processing
TPCI generator helps to regulate and stabilize heat transfer fluid temperature.
power generation heating and controls 2
A large South Dakota electric power plant needed to upgrade the 10-year-old heating system on an external storage tank.
road construction painting process heating
Controlling the viscosity of asphalt paint is paramount to the quality of the end product.  
hot steel ingot

In this plant, the salt bath heating operation is initiated each working day at 3:00 a.m. by a time clock.

chemical reactor process heating and controls

Chromalox Hot Oil System maintains high temperatures necessary to heat jacketed reactors with customized seal-less pump.

packaging industry process heating and controls
Chromalox packaged heating system provides tight control of temperature sensitive process.
Case Study CBD Supercritical CO2 Extraction 01
Supercritical CO2 is a common solvent used in CBD extraction because it produces a clean and safe end product. The solvent is also easily recovered for subsequent extractions. However, maintaining CO2 at a supercritical state requires very precise heating and cooling and is essential for process integrity. Extraction equipment manufacturers and processing facilities do not have space for large-footprint heat management systems.
petroleum industry heating and controls 2

A Colorado natural gas driller performs hydraulic fracture drilling, using water and steam mixtures.

aerospace weapon systems
Components for interceptor and ICBM rockets must be tested for reliability prior to deployment. 
chemical industry process heating and controls
A worldwide leader in specialty chemical production has been using open coil duct heaters for many years to heat the air for some of its chemical applications.
Equipment Washer
Chromalox develops terminal enclosure that stands up to harsh operating environment and is easy to install.
parts manufacturing assembly line
Parts are produced by the hundreds of thousands yearly and require fast cleaning to keep pace with the milling. 
chocolate molds process heating
For best results when molding chocolate, it is necessary to temper the molds to 90° F before filling with syrup.
military marine heating and temperature controls
Working on a submarine in the depths of the ocean would be cold and damp without Chromalox radiant comfort heaters.
printing press image
In this lamination process, up to four sheets of paper are laminated at one time by a press.