Blower Heater Meets Diverse Rental Needs

chromalox sdra

The Challenge
This customer in the HVAC and rental business, wanted a universal electric portable air heater that could be used for many types of applications.  The ideal blower heater could be used by customers in the emergency response, construction, outdoor entertainment, and utility industries. This heater needed to be versatile enough to provide comfort heat, exhaust ventilation, or be used for drying and curing purposes. Gas and propane heaters are not considered to be safe in these types of enclosed environments, and they also release moisture into the air as a byproduct of combustion, slowing the drying process. Electric blower heaters are also ideal for reducing the threat of mold growth within walls. To be truly versatile, the heater had to be portable, powerful, and operable without a generator.

The Solution
Chromalox engineers suggested a modified standard 60kW SuperDragon blower heater could be built to operate at various voltages. The 60 kW unit has two 480 V circuits, one rated at 24 kW and the other at 36 kW, the motor is dual rated for 230 or 460 V, and the 120 V control transformer has a 240 or 480 V primary. An additional, lockable, special control box containing toggle switches and relays was designed and added to the assembly to change the motor and transformer wiring to accept either 240 or 480 V. The unit can be easily field customized for various voltages and amperage limitations by using toggle switches so that no heater or wiring needs to be touched by the user.

The Advantages

  • Lower cost than comparable technologies currently on the market
  • Shipment and storage periods may be extended due to rugged construction and electric operation
  • Reliable start-up after storage periods
  • Long service life in low to medium temperature applications