Chromalox Keeps the Power Flowing No Matter Which Way the Wind Blows

chromalox OT 250 w

With concerns mounting about the environment, electricity costs and energy independence, wind power is an increasingly popular alternative to fossil fuels. Ensuring reliable operation of today's next-generation wind turbines has become a critical issue for promoting wider use of this technology.

Each wind turbine is essentially a self-contained power plant housing an array of high-technology components that must withstand the harshest conditions, including extremes of moisture vapor and environmental temperature swings. Low maintenance operation is a requirement, given that these wind turbines stand up to 300 feet off the ground often in remote locations, such as mountainous areas or off-shore platforms.

Wind turbine manufacturers are turning to Chromalox for solutions, and we responded with a custom strip heater that ensures a dry atmosphere inside the turbines operations module. The solution utilizes strip heating units that meet the special design parameters required for use in wind turbines. These units must meet tight quality control standards for watt density, demonstrate superior life expectancy projections, and provide uniform heat transfer.

Chromalox has been providing solutions for wind turbine manufacturers in Europe for several years, and is beginning to see growth in the United States due to recent demand for alternative energy sources.

Wind power promises limitless supplies of clean energy. With Chromalox technology ensuring reliability, energy from the wind is a viable resource for powering the future.