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Energy StorageRenewable energy technology is reliant on having the right set of circumstances to be effective. You can’t capture solar energy when the sun isn’t shining or turn a windmill when the wind isn’t blowing. Energy consumption is a constant need, however, so waiting for the right circumstances isn’t feasible for a reliable energy grid. For this reason, Energy Storage is absolutely critical towards long term sustainability. Energy Storage technology comes in many forms, including lithium ion battery and thermal storage to even gravity-based storage systems. See how Chromalox’s line of zero emission electric heaters can provide the sustainable heat needed for long term storage systems.

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Lithium Ion

There are a number of battery technologies in the industry today, but lithium ion batteries are by far the most prevalent. Chromalox has a number of thermal solutions to support the production and operation of lithium based batteries. Whether you’re manufacturing the cathode precursor for battery production or combating cold temperature impacts to the finished battery, Chromalox has the right solution. With our expansive line of electric thermal solutions that span advanced cascade controlled heat transfer systems, to durable heating blankets, our engineers can evaluate the need of your application to ensure the right design for your process.

Thermal Energy Storage

Thermal Energy Storage systems work by either heating or cooling a dense media housed inside a well-insulated tank or vessel and then releasing the stored energy when needed. Whether using high temperature air to transfer heat into a solid media, or keeping a high conductivity molten salt above its melting point, the critical applications of thermal energy systems rely on the quality and expertise that Chromalox offers. Our engineers can evaluate and model your application to determine the right thermal solution needed to get the most out of your storage system.

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Redox Flow

A Redox Flow Battery is a type of energy storage technology which utilizes chemical reactions to drive electrical energy. The movement of gained and lost electrons by pumping an electrolyte for a stored tank to a reaction chamber generates the electrical current. While redox flow batteries are chemical based reactions, Chromalox tank heaters, inline circulation heaters and heat tracing solutions are a valuable way to closely manage the temperature of the electrolyte to prevent precipitation, increase stability, and improve conductivity to ultimately improve the charge and discharge capabilities of the battery.

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