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aircraft industry process heating and controls
A Virginia aircraft testing facility utilizes compressed air to test aircraft devices, throttling it from the source starting at 3,800 psi down to 1,650 psi down to 5 psi.
alternative fuels process heating and controls
A Pennsylvania biofuels plant needed to find a new heat trace system to effectively protect its investment in the renewable energy future.  
fiberglass production heating and controls
An Arkansas manufacturer of fiberglass tanks needed to heat the a specific tank at a constant 100° F, but was concerned about potential tank wall breach due to high watt density.
commercial building heating and temperature controls
The cooling towers of a Virginia medical facility's HVAC system required an upgrade to ensure freeze protection. 
ice and snow heat trace

A colonial-style two-story municipal building in a Cleveland suburb was beset with build-ups of  snow, ice and moisture. 

heat trace gutter ice controls
Chromalox custom designed a heat trace and control de-icing system to fit exact roof and gutter specifications.
IntelliTrace ITC Series
During the construction of the first parking garage, Chromalox brought their expertise to the table by providing a newer, improved solution for the freeze protection specification.
gutter heat trace cables
A large assisted living facility in Iowa had gone through several renovations and additions. 
commercial building heat trace
Chromalox self-regulating roof and gutter heating cable provides energy efficient solutions to roof ice dam problems in commercial buildings.
zoo comfort heating
A zoo’s plans for a new exhibit for mountain lions, lynx, otters, snow fox and grizzly bears called for keeping the animals as close to the public as possible. 
chemical processing lubricants process heating and controls
Chromalox created a customized pipe rack module to fit the requirements of the extended area. Chromalox then delivered the pipe rack to the expansion site and incorporated it into the existing pipe rack module without fail.
food processing - palm oil

Palm oil processing is being jeopardized by sudden temperature changes due to the increasing unpredictability of extremes in weather conditions around the globe.

chemical plant heating controls
Heat trace control panels cost-effectively monitor and control potential fault conditions on outdoor piping and storage tanks.
heat trace chemical industry
The lubricant division of a major petroleum processor blends and packages motor oil and automotive lubricants, which are then shipped to retailers around the U.S. 
salt mine process heating and controls
A Chromalox solution for maintaining correct temperatures in oil tanks for lightweight and thick viscous oil using an electric heat trace system.
heat trace industrial process heating and controls 2

A leading maker of household products required process temperature maintenance for its many process tanks and extensive piping. 

industrial painting heating
An international manufacturer of epoxy industrial coatings spray systems sought help in reducing the footprint and expense of the control system that maintaining minimal system temperatures. 
soybean industry process heating and controls
A food processing plant required an inexpensive heat trace system to prevent freezing on soybean oil processing pipe run. 
storage tanks
On tanks intended for outdoor installations, the original equipment manufacturer is often requested to install heating equipment. 
Case Study - Digital Thermostats
Oil and natural gas plants require safe, precision heating for process maintenance and freeze protection from Northeastern weather conditions while reducing overall costs.
heat trace industrial heating and controls 3
Turn-key heat trace system designed using model SRM/E self-regulating heating cable.
heat trace paper processing heating and controls
A waxing system on an industrial packaging corrugated paper line could not reliably maintain the required temperature.
heat trace power transmission heating and controls
Chromalox model SRL self-regulating heating cable was the key to freeze protection of natural gas compressor stations and booster station requiring heat tracing of condensate lines, skid lines, de-hi piping, and control and meter tubing.
heat trace industrial process heating and controls
A leading electric utility company has installed coal scrubbers and associated equipment, as well as a selective catalytic reduction (SCR) system.
heat trace industrial heating and process controls 4
Chromalox designed a heat trace system for fuel and oil heating to prevent heat loss from the pipe and to maintain the crude oil at the proper temperature to keep it liquid and flowing.
power generation heating and controls 3
A leading supplier of power generation and energy delivery technology needed to standardize the design of its various power turbines.
petroleum industry process heating and controls 3
Chromalox helps southern California refinery heat products evenly. 
wastewater processing heating and controls 2

Augers receive the heat they need thanks to Chromalox heat trace cables. Without freeze protection, the system could potentially have problems on start-up.