Chromalox Enables Whole Range of Precise Temperatures for Resin Products


The Challenge

A new, modern and sophisticated production plant was being developed for the purpose of manufacturing resins. Specifically, the plant was for the production of Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) and Purified Terephthalic Acid (PTA). PET is a common thermoplastic resin of the polyester family and is used for a whole array of plastic products including clothing fibers, food containers and pliable sheets of plastic. Whereas PTA is used in the manufacture of a whole range of polyester coating resins. Consequently, depending on the types of resins being made, the plant requires precise, programmable heating that can vary. In addition, the temperatures must be precise because if too cool, the resins will congeal and cause the piping and valves to become clogged and damaged. Likewise, if the temperature is too hot, chemical reactions occur that destroy the production of the type of resin being manufactured.

The Solution

To meet this challenge, Chromalox engineers developed a solution that maintains accurate production temperatures of pipes and factory equipment used in PET and PTA production of polyester resins. This Chromalox temperature management system reduced both operational and installation costs.

Operating Costs were reduced by implementing ITLS Line Sensing Heat Tracing Control Panels. The control panel optimizes power usage, is completely programmable to the parameters required during the various types of production, and provides temperature and sensor alarms. These alarms foretell the possibility of fluctuation in the temperature. Thereby, the ITLS enables the possibility of corrective action to maintain the temperature and avoid mishaps, damage and safety risks. The use of the ITLS control panel also reduced costs due to its modular design and ability for Modbus communication.

In addition, Chromalox designed the overall installation, making the entire plant more efficient and accurate while reducing the cost of installation. The development of the plant was on a very tight schedule to meet its goals which were met due to Chromalox’s quick and efficient response time.

The Benefits

  1. Significantly decreasing installation, operation and maintenance costs.
  2. Safely heating the production of polyester resins and polyester coating resins.
  3. Implementing temperature management systems to accurately monitor the production and temperature.
  4. Remaining on schedule due to efficient engineering and delivery.