The Challenge:

Chromalox supplied a circulating hot water system to heat cannabis in an evaporator for the oil extraction process. The previous method did not allow for higher production demands and was not scalable for additional extraction needs.


A 100kW Chromalox, model MWS hot water system was selected to meet the current demand and had the additional benefit of allowing for future expansion. The included centrifugal pump/motor combination was easily adapted to the piping header configuration. In addition, it allowed for flows to be diverted to other jacketed vessels as units came on-line. The power control utilized full SCR/thyristor proportional control. This ensured that only the power needed for the immediate demand was being utilized. Integrated PID controllers provided digital control and fine-tuning to the specific process needs. Energy conserving insulation covering helped round out the design. Lastly, an optional expansion tank was provided for full system integration.

The Benefits

  • Proportional power control ensured only the power needed for the immediate demand was used. No wasted energy allowed for the highest heating energy efficiency use possible.
  • Complete package system of power control, pump/motor piping integration, and heating bundle allowed for easy integration, with a smaller footprint, and quick start-up.
  • Stainless Steel construction was provided for water heating needs and easy clean-up.
  • Chromalox field service team was available for start-up assistance and training of factory personnel.