The Challenge:

Supercritical CO2 is a common solvent used in CBD extraction because it produces a clean and safe end product. The solvent is also easily recovered for subsequent extractions. However, maintaining CO2 at a supercritical state requires very precise heating and cooling and is essential for process integrity. Extraction equipment manufacturers and processing facilities do not have space for large-footprint heat management systems.


Chromalox was able to offer a compact 18kW CMX hot water temperature control system, which allowed for heating and cooling within the same heat transfer unit. Chromalox field sales and applications engineers designed the CMX to produce the hot water flow rates required to maintain accurate CO2 temperature control. The system's heat/cool capabilities coupled with microprocessor based temperature control provided the ideal solution for a temperature sensitive application.

The Benefits

  • Complete heating and cooling system from a single supplier, eliminating the procurement and manufacturing challenges of integrating pumps, heaters, and controllers from different sources into existing extraction equipment.
  • CMX systems are compact and mobile, saving space and allowing for quick and easy start up.
  • Advanced, microprocessor based temperature control has the responsiveness required for supercritical CO2 extractions.