5,000 Lbs. of Fish Fried Per Hour with Help of Heat Transfer System

Heat Transfer System 02

The Challenge
To have the cleanest and most efficient semi-automated system for deep fat frying of fish. Customer had been using conventional method - direct fuel fired. Economical in operating cost, it nonetheless had important drawbacks. Inability to control temperature accelerated fat breakdown and made it difficult to achieve product uniformity. Maintenance was a problem.

The Solution
Install an electric fryer in which the fat is heated by a 350-kw Chromalox heat transfer system. This is a pre-engineered and pre-wired package requiring only piping and wiring connections. Using non-inflammable Therminol® as the heat transfer medium, it circulates the latter at temperatures ranging from 430 to 500°F through coils in the fryer.


  • Cleaner than old method - very important in food processing. Safer, too - no open flame.
  • High volume production in less space. President S. H. Magnusson says the system is capable of turning out as much as 7,000 lbs. of fried fish per hour.
  • Far fewer maintenance problems than old system.
  • Excellent, uniform quality fish steaks due to uniform fat temperatures.
  • No hot spots. Temperature control is accurate and heat transfer method distributes heat evenly throughout the fat. Fat lasts longer, saves money.
  • Compared with the old fryer, Mr. Magnusson says his production capacity now is equal to the old while using V-3 less fat (fryer holds about 1200 lbs.). This is because the new fryer fries only the breading on the fish, not the entire thickness.
  • Better-tasting end product since fish liquors are sealed inside without the fat penetrating the fish itself.
  • Installation is uncomplicated. The Chromalox heat transfer system is an integral package requiring only piping and wiring. It can be installed alongside the fryer or some distance from it, as was done here. The fryer and its controls were supplied by Design + Process  Engineering, Inc., Waltham, Mass.
  • Reasonable operating cost because plant is all electric and gets special rate.