A Heater No Bigger Than a Postage Stamp Packs Ultra High Watt Density

kapton flexible heater 02

The Challenge
After several failed attempts with other vendors, Chromalox was asked by a leading designer and manufacturer of custom solenoids and solenoid valves to collaborate on a new micro-solenoid valve heating project. The application consisted of instantaneously heating a gas in a miniature solenoid valve and developing a controller to mitigate runaway temperature due to the expected ultra-high watt density.

The Solution
The engineers at Chromalox collaborated with the customer’s engineering staff to help them create a solution. We then designed and manufactured a small Kapton® heater with a surface area smaller than a postage stamp at 80W/in2. In addition, our team designed and manufactured a custom electronic control board with a closed loop controller complete with custom software programming.

The Benefits 
The applications for these valves concern human life with a zero margin for error allowed.  The Chromalox Kapton® micro-valve heating system with ultra-high watt density performed flawlessly; thereby eliminating temperature runaway.Ultimately, the controller was fine tuned to ±2°F.

The customer reported, “The Chromalox Kapton Heater worked flawlessly.  Overall we are very happy with the performance, fit and functionality.” Their Senior Development Engineer stated that he, ‘will most likely use a variation of our Kapton Heater on the next opportunity where they need to heat a solenoid’. This is a typical example of how Chromalox offers new innovative world class cost saving solutions to exceed customer expectations.