Chromalox Site Services and Process Heating Solutions Safely Warms Caustic Chemicals

ITAS 6-36 HT Panel

The Challenge

A chlor alkali processing plant needed to get their start-up project back-on-track. Chlor Alkali is a chemical process that primarily manufactures chlorine along with other caustic chemicals. During the manufacturing process, a salt solution is electrocyzed with a direct current that converts chloride ions to chlorine. Originally, chlorine was used to mainly produce bleaching agents, but is now a necessary ingredient of construction materials, insecticides and much more. During the processing, transport pipes and holding tanks also required freeze protection for the unimpeded flow of the chemicals. Unfortunately for this particular processing plant, the original insulation contractor did not respect the heat trace lines, termination points and other concerns creating the potential for significant fire hazards.

The Solution

Chromalox Site Services was called in for a complete review of the installed system and began troubleshooting the situation. Site services was able to determine where the previous company had mis-installed the insulation and severed the heat trace cable. Chromalox staff was able to re-insulate, determine the correct termination points and install an ITLS control panel. The ITLS control panel was able to be pre-programmed with all the essential heat parameters, ground fault settings and alarm indication systems. Site services was also able to test that the circuits were drawing the correct amount of current. Site services got the project back on schedule, tested the system until all specifications were met and were able to provide start-up services.

The Benefits

  1. Professionally install, insulate and program all necessary components of the system.
  2. Safely heat highly flammable caustic chemicals.
  3. Implement process heating solutions to accurately monitor the process and temperature.
  4. Review, troubleshoot and improve the previous system while minimizing downtime.