Chromalox Designs Precise Heating Element for Replication of DNA by Medical Researchers

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The Challenge

A medical research laboratory required a DNA thermal-cycler lab instrument to process and replicate DNA for research that can maintain a precise temperature equal to the temperature of the human body. DNA samples are extremely sensitive to any fluctuation in temperature making accuracy and temperature uniformity with numerous fail-safe mechanisms a necessity so the DNA samples are not damaged during processing. 

The Solution

Due to the sensitivity of the DNA samples, the solution required a quality-built, precise assembly with special attention on the detailed and physical requirements needed for uniform heating, proper fit and strain relief on wiring connections.  The DNA thermal cycler lab instrument required a heating element that was built into the lid. Specifically, the requirement was for a full turnkey assembly to include the heating element vulcanized to an aluminum plate, thermistor, thermal cutoff, standoffs, wiring and connectors.  Therefore, Chromalox provided the flexible heating element on aluminum plate: SR Heater - Etched Foil Design SEFB-3.33-5.13-T/TF-15.75 Rated 48V 200W, vulcanized to an anodized aluminum plate with ground wire and a ring terminal including thermal cutoff, thermistor, anodized plate, and standoffs. The Chromalox Project Management Team and design engineers worked closely with the customer to develop this new instrument from prototype to production while meeting the urgent project schedule, adhering to the specifications standards and providing a new product at a cost savings over current sources.

The Benefits 

Product delivered on time

Product achieved the stringent quality and performance specification standards 

Chromalox provided full documentation

Quick turn-around from prototype to full production due to urgent nature of project