Chromalox Is the Perfect Fit for Generator Manufacturer; Provides Innovative, Compact Solution

Chromalox xpmc enclosure heater


The Challenge

A large custom motor and generator manufacturer required a Class 1 Division 2-rated condensation heater for its manufacturing line. The customer’s existing space designated for the heater was limited, and existing market solutions offered for the application were too large. The customer tried Positive Temperature Coefficient heaters, which are formed with small ceramic stones that have self-limiting temperature characteristics. However, these heaters were not retaining wattage during testing. The overall heating unit had to also pass testing to verify that it would not exceed specific temperatures regardless of how low the ambient temperature was.

The Solution

Chromalox installed its Model XPMC EP-rated enclosure heater into the space. The XPMC heater has anodized aluminum heat sinks with an integral ambient thermostat, providing a compact solution to fit the limited space with enough wattage to make it through testing. The XPMC heater also features integrated limit switches to ensure that the unit would not exceed T2 temperature requirements (3000 C). This means that the heater would not get too hot for the manufacturing facility, no matter how cold it was outside.


  • Local technical capability allowed Chromalox to provide a quick and efficient solution for the customer.
  • The customer was so pleased with the solution to the application that this order yielded an order for nearly 100 pieces.
  • Chromalox’s innovative design created a solution for a common industry application challenge.