Chromalox Products Help To Protect the Environment

chromalox cir 150 w


The Challenge

OEM manufacturer of gas and exhaust sampling and conditioning equipment that generates the data for online analysis ensure an accurate and appropriate particle count is maintained through the stacks of combustion engines prior to emission into the environment. To ensure effectiveness the client’s heated stack filter required a precision fit of cartridge heaters to maintain the stack gas temperature while providing custom lead length and holding heated element tolerance. 

The Solution 

Chromalox Field Sales Engineers had a clear understanding of the product requirement and communicated the application requirements effectively. Thereby, enabling our engineers to develop the correct custom design and delivered a special wattage distribution profile heating pattern. The resulting product yielded a very consistent, uniform sheath temperature and addressed the client's unique temperature uniformity requirements. The client received a customized sample of the cartridge heater CIR-201NY, 240V, 250W PCN 305012076 within 10 working days. The samples met or exceeded all expectations. 

The Benefits 

Sample of customization available within 10 working days 

Extremely uniform heat profile providing high accuracy for testing data 

Samples met or exceeded expectations 

Effective team work