Chromalox Provides Protection from Global Climate Changes

ITAS 6-36 HT Panel

The Challenge

Palm oil is a rather unique vegetable oil; because, unlike other vegetable oils, it is highly saturated and semi-solid at room temperature. In addition, the oil can become increasingly dense at colder temperatures which are becoming increasingly more prevalent and unexpected due to the phenomenon of global climate change. These cold snaps and sudden inclement weather can ruin the palm oil, transport pipes and other processing equipment. Therefore, while the oil is refined and deodorized, it must be heated and maintained at a precise temperature during processing for pipe flow and process protection.

The Solution

Chromalox was consulted during the construction of a new palm oil processing facility. Without access to measurements, parts lists, or the facility, our experts were able to confer with the client and design a heat trace system for the facility. Chromalox design engineers determined the cable lengths, cable types, and panel circuits needed for this unique application. Self-regulating SRM/E heat trace cables and mineral insulated (MI) cables were chosen with RBF pipe sensors and ITLS control panels that can control up to 36 circuits at one time along with other standard cable accessories. The heat trace system that Chromalox designed and engineered will provide protection to the processing of the palm oil; regardless of temperature changes due to severe or unexpected weather.

The Benefits

  • Offering value-added services, such as: system design, product specification, and isometric drawings where none previously existed
  • Experts accessible and locally available for in-person meetings
  • Assistance in managing the delivery process
  • Project management services from beginning through installation and project completion