Chromalox Safely Heats Government-Mandated Increases in Highly-Flammable Alternative Fuels

Chromalox xpmc enclosure heater The Challenge 

Due to government mandates, the amount of organic additives such as ethanol and processed vegetable oils being combined with standard diesel gasoline must be increased. Under the legislation, all retail diesel fuel sold must contain: 

2 percent biodiesel once in-state production reaches 
40 MMgy 5 percent biodiesel once in-state production reaches 100 MMgy
10 percent biodiesel once in-state production reaches 200 MMgy
20 percent biodiesel once in-state production reaches 400 MMgy.

While making diesel fuel more sustainable, the increases require additional production, storage and distribution, while the resulting product is still excessively flammable. Also, the organic materials, if not properly heated, can congeal or may separate, making the fuel too thick to pump. Therefore, the temperature of the fuel must be maintained at 70 deg F (21 C). In addition, biodiesel fueling stations must have their heat-traced biodiesel pipelines enter into a metering station so they can be periodically checked and calibrated. The heat must also be maintained within the metering station to keep the biodiesel viscous and flowing. However, this can be highly hazardous due to the possible presence of highly flammable and explosive vapors. 

The Solution 

In partnership with our OEM, Chromalox provided both our SRL Heat Trace Cable and our XPMC-12223T2 Explosion Proof Enclosure Heater that is self-contained and designed to maintain the heating levels and meet the hazardous-duty requirements. The XPMC Explosion Proof Enclosure Heater is able to safely maintain elevated temperatures, above ambient, inside the enclosure. Chromalox was also able to provide the appropriate heat trace cable solution for the biodiesel lines. 

The Benefits 

Safely heating highly-flammable biodiesel fuels. 

Experts experienced with hazardous area requirements in the Oil and Gas markets. 

Consolidated vendors and provide a unified, enterprise thermal management solution.