Digital Thermostat-Based Heat Trace System Maintains Tank Heat, Prevents Wall Breach

DTS-Digital Temperature Sensor

The Challenge

An Arkansas manufacturer of fiberglass tanks needed to heat the a specific tank at a constant 100° F, but was concerned about potential tank wall breach due to high watt density. The tank walls could only withstand temperatures ranging from 180° F to 200° F. A low-cost solution to heat the tank externally was desired.

The Solution

A Chromalox DTS Digital Thermostat, used in conjunction with SSR controls and low watt density (.60 wpsi) silicone laminate heaters, offered a custom solution to heat the tank externally.  The DTS offers the ease of a digitally programmed set-point temperature, plus high and low temperature and sensor failure alarms. The SSR unit offers tight control that ensures tank wall integrity. The heaters’ adhesive backings allowed the heaters to literally “peel and stick” to the tank wall, reducing the need for wiring and easing installation.


  • Tight temperature tolerances maintained to ensure product integrity
  • Custom silicone laminate heaters and controls offered a solution unmatched by competition
  • Redundant heating capability provides worry-free operation