Electric Vacuum Pumping Oven is Safe, Easy to Handle

Chromalox catalog tubular lp

The Challenge
To construct an oven which can be easily raised and lowered over the tubes and which could quickly produce a temperature of 300°F. Also, the room was air conditioned and the heat source must not introduce any more heat than necessary into the room.

The Solution
A double-walled, thickly insulated, oval-shaped oven large enough to encompass four tubes was constructed. Heat source: three 1000-watt Chromalox Electric Tubular Heaters, formed to conform with the interior dimension and shape of the oven, are clamped to the sheet metal housing. Induction coils around the neck of the tubes heat up the metal parts inside, while the oven is heating the glass tubes and the air inside before evacuating air from tubes.


  • Quickly heats up and maintains the exact 300°F. temperature needed.
  • Permits the oven to be easily raised and lowered . . . hardly possible with any other heat source.
  • There are no combustion by-products to contaminate the work in process.
  • Contributes no humidity and there is little excess heat to disturb the room air conditioning.
  • It creates no fire hazard.