Precisely Controlled Heat Needed in Core Box Oven for Shell Molding Process

Chromalox catalog tubular lp

The Challenge
A core box oven used in a foundry required tight temperature control.  The core box is used for curing the resin binder in the sand.

The Solution
Chromalox thermostatically controlled tubular elements were installed in the box oven. A wall divides the oven into two sections.  The tubular heaters are located in the oven walls and in both doors. Each half of the oven is controlled by an input controller located on top, which controls heat output as needed. Range is 4 to 100% of heater capacity.


  • It provides the exacting heat and control requirements essential for the wanted results. (The volutes on the cores are being held to a tolerance of less than 1/2 of 1° F over a 15 inch long core.)
  • It provides a fast production rate. The complete cycle from sand to finished core is only 45 seconds. The small oven produces 160 cores per hour.
  • It involved only a small investment in heating units and control equipment, approximately $300.00.
  • It needed only simple oven construction, of firebrick and angle iron already on hand.
  • The heat source and controls were standard and immediately available from Chromalox stock.