Infrared Oven Key to New Business

chromalox rad 1800 w


The Challenge

To obtain a satisfactory, long-lasting, acid-resisting finish on metal fixtures to be used in stores and laboratories was a challenge for this shelving display manufacturer. The company had been manufacturing wooden fixtures for many years. However, to stay abreast of the times, they had to enter the metal manufacturing market to compete. With metal, the finishes required must be baked on, which meant they needed to install a baking oven. Such equipment had to be safe as well as efficient, since lumber, paints, other finishes and chemicals in the plant were a potential fire hazard. 

The Solution
It was obvious that electric infrared was the solution to the problem, especially from the standpoint of safety. The plant maintenance men built the oven and installed a battery of twelve radiant heaters, 240 V, 3600 W each. The operating temperature ranged from 200-225 degrees F. and the oven was used from eight to twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, depending upon the output demand. Time clocks with cycling periods were installed to meet the needs of the various finishing processes like enamel, wrinkle, or multi-spray. The new oven could be sectioned and sealed-off to permit baking two kinds of work at a time. They can now bake out 32 showcase frames a day.


  • Safest kind of oven heat source.
  • Better finish with accurate heat.
  • Easily installed by own maintenance men.
  • No maintenance of units.
  • Low cost installation.