Kapton Heating Technology Provides Efficient Zone Control

kapton flexible heater 02


The Challenge

A global manufacturer and supplier of commercial equipment for many of the food service leaders needed a more efficient way to heat a new line of multilevel food warmers. In the past they relied on two less effective heating options. They needed a solution that would not sacrifice space which is needed for food, could be zoned to multiple sensors, and be integrated into the current control software. This customer has a long history of new technology innovation and expected no less from the Chromalox team’s recommendations and designs.

The Solution
The Chromalox team evaluated both the old and current designs as well as ideas the customer expressed for future designs. We secured one each of the new models from the customer for FEA thermal and air circulation evaluation. After validation and presentation of the data with the customer, it was decided that the answer would be well suited to a series of Kapton® heaters with custom laminated RTD’s strategically embedded 360° around the oven cavities. These individual heaters were designed with area specific profiles and strategically placed load temperature and ambient air temperature detection.  Due to the array of environments where the units would be installed, a unique-built in grounding technology was integrated into each heater assembly.

The Benefits
The thin, lightweight and flexible nature of our Kapton heaters and key sensor integration the customer realized unprecedented heating consistency and control in both the vertical and horizontal directions far above their competition. This approach will also be easily integrated into future designs as expressed by the customer's design team such as front door heating/warming. The Chromalox team not only innovated the thermal management system, but also helped in their overall cabinet design as a result. This is a typical example of how Chromalox offers new innovative world class cost saving solutions to exceed customer expectations.