Radiant Heat Bakes Paint Evenly on Aluminum Laundry Tubs

chromalox rad 1800 w

The Challenge
A 50 feet oven using glass heat lamps gave an uneven paint bake. The top of the work was over-baked while the sides and front were under-baked. Maintenance was also a problem; the lamps needed periodic cleaning and constant replacement. Also, there was the chance of fire from paint vapors and the oven temperature was not adjustable.

The Solution
Replacing the glass lamps with 15 Chromalox RAD-5253, 24 RAD-7363 and 24 RAD. 4183 electric radiant heaters mounted on the top, bottom and sides of the oven. The oven operates at approximately 300° F. and is used for one half the day. The customer noticed an immediate improvement in the paint bake, rejects have been practically eliminated.

The oven is controlled with percentage timers, one for each of the four sides. This provides the exact amount of heat necessary to bake finish evenly on all sides of the tub. Oven maintenance has been eliminated, the heaters are self cleaning and unbreakable.


  • Paint is baked evenly on all sides.
  • Rejects have been practically eliminated.
  • The fire hazard was greatly reduced.
  • Maintenance problems have been eliminated.
  • Oven temperature is easily and accurately adjusted.
  • There is no glare to bother workers.