Radiant Heat Satisfies "Sweet-Tooth"

chromalox rad 1800 w

The Challenge
The former method used by this food processor was to soften the candy by heating it with a gas burner prior to and during cutting and shaping. This burner was mounted above the working area and enclosed in a sheet metal case which acted as a reflector. The reflector absorbed a lot of the heat and passed it up to the ceiling. This excessive heat and the odorous fumes were objectionable to the operator working directly over the hard candy.

The Solution
To solve the problem, the old inefficient gas heater was replaced with a Chromalox Far-Infrared 800 watt heater, type RAD-2083. This fast-heating unit is directed so as to heat only the candy, not the candy cutter. It is used in conjunction with a type VC input controller so that the heat is variable to compensate for shop temperatures as well as the type and temperature of the candy. The fixture, complete with heating element and built-in reflector, is easily mounted on two shelf brackets. The owner reports very satisfactory results with the installation.


  • Easy installation
  • Fume and glare free
  • Fast response
  • Temperature easily adjusted to meet work needs
  • Low operating costs
  • No discomfort to operator
  • Rugged all-metal heater is shatterproof, cannot contaminate candy