Strip Heaters Maintain Temperature in Resin Kettles

Chromalox catalog strip heaters

The Challenge
Resin stored in large kettles would solidify when the temperature dropped too low. When his happened, the resin couldn't be transferred out of the vessels without first heating it. If the kettles were overheated or heated unevenly, resin might char, lowering the product quality.

The Solution
Chromalox electric Strip Heaters were clamped to the bottom of each kettle. Absolute uniform temperatures were achieved by using a total of 272 strip heaters, 18 heaters on the 3500 gallon kettles and 24 heaters on the 10,000 gallon. Both 500 and 1000 watt, 240 volt heaters were used.

Strip heaters maintain temperature of resin in the kettles at 200 to 250°C. The heaters are properly spaced for even heat distribution and controlled to avoid underheating or overheating; either would lower the quality of the resin. The heaters have already been in service a number of years.


  • Easily maintains accurate temperature in kettles.
  • Installation is simple and maintenance is minimum.
  • Even heat distribution insures high quality product.
  • No fumes or excess heat, adds no discomfort to nearby working area.
  • It's economical . . . no large boiler to maintain, used only when needed.