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SolarThe ability to harness energy from the sun and convert it into power is one of renewable energy’s greatest assets. With the advancement of photovoltaic solar cells and concentrated solar plants, clean energy can be generated almost anywhere globally. Chromalox manufactures precision engineered heat and control systems for each solar application, from raw material processing to module manufacturing and system integration.

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Photovoltaic Solar Cells

The capability of a solar panel to convert solar energy into electricity is only as good as the quality of the panel. Precision manufacturing processes are required to ensure each step is closely managed and controlled. Chromalox’s Component Technologies ensure your quality requirements are met across all process steps from amorphous cell and PV module production, to deposition and lamination.

Concentrated Solar Plants

Concentrated Solar Plants (CSP) utilize large reflectors or mirrors to direct and concentrate the suns rays onto an absorber pipe that contains a heat transfer medium comprised typically of molten salts or heat transfer oils. The pipes that carry the heated medium must travel great distances from the source of the reflectors to the processing side of the plant. Chromalox high temperature inline heaters, tank heaters, and heat tracing products are ideal for ensuring heat transfer mediums are kept above critical temperatures, both in transportation and storage.


Circulation heaters operate as an electric heat exchanger by directly heating the process media in an in-line configuration. Units operate at nearly 100% efficiency and offer a compact heating solution. A wide selection of materials is available such as copper, carbon steel, stainless steel, or INCOLOY®. Moisture and explosion-proof terminal enclosures along with ASME, PED, KOSHA, and SELO are also options. Click here to visit catalog


Steam Boilers

Units provide steam for any process need using a compact, flameless package. Ready-to-install units require only water and electric power supplies for zero-emissions operation. Carbon or stainless steel construction to UL, CSA, ASME, and PED codes. Click here to visit catalog


Duct Heaters

Available with power ratings up to several megawatts and capable of producing temperatures up to 1,200°F (650°C) for heating air or other gases. Tubular, finned tubular, and finned strip elements outperform gas, oil, and open coil electric units in both heating efficiency and safety. Click here to visit catalog



Immersion heaters can be installed directly in process media such as water, oil, solvents, viscous solutions, and gas streams. Units operate at nearly 100% efficiency and offer a compact heating solution. Common heater installation methods are flanged, threaded, or over-the-side designs, with a wide selection of materials such as copper, carbon steel, stainless steel, or INCOLOY®. Moisture- and explosion-proof terminal enclosures along with IEC, ATEX, and CSA are also options Click here to visit catalog


Heat Trace
& Controls

Provides freeze protection and counteracts heat loss from process equipment and piping, and prevents increase of product viscosity. Complete line of heat trace cable and installation kits available. Temperature control solutions include programmable, microprocessor-based, 1- to 72-circuit systems, and fully integrated wireless sensing and remote circuit monitoring and management of up to thousands of circuits across multiple panels.. Click here to visit catalog



Chromalox is the only electric heating equipment producer offering a complete line of discrete temperature and advanced SCR power controllers, and sophisticated control panel systems and accessories to efficiently manage the most basic to the most complex and demanding heating applications. Our C2i™ technology integrates and manages these controls as part of an enterprise-wide intelligent network of temperature sensing, process heating, and temperature management. Click here to visit catalog


Hazardous Location
Air Heaters

Fan-forced and convection air heaters provide fast, efficient, economical heat for hazardous areas cleanly and safely. Heavy-duty construction for long, dependable service. Selections from our XtremeDuty™ platform aredesigned for particularly harsh areas. Units are offeredwith multiple third-party certifications and can be wall- or ceiling-mounted. Click here to visit catalog



Chromalox offers four electric heating systems for above- and below-ground storage tanks. They feature a unique replaceable-element design whereby the heating elements can be removed and replaced without draining the tank. Very little upkeep is required, making them practically maintenance-free. When combined with temperature controls, power controls, and safety monitoring they provide complete tank heating systems. Click here to visit catalog


DirectConnect™ Medium
Voltage Systems

Chromalox DirectConnect™ medium voltage electric heating systems (7,200 V max rated) for heating applications greater than 1,000 kW (3.4 MMBtu/h). Reduces installation costs by up to 90%. Provides heater efficiency to nearly 99%. Controls heat to within 1°F. Minimizes yearly maintenance to a few hours. Available in most process heaters, control panels, boilers, and heat transfer systems. Click here to visit catalog



Chromalox manufactures precision engineered heat and control systems for each solar application, from raw material processing to module manufacturing and system integration.

1Molten Salt Storage Tank Heaters
Immersion heaters with replaceable element designs and circulation heaters are used to heat up and maintain temperature in both the hot and cold molten salt storage tanks.

2Thermal Fluid Heaters
Thermal fluids such as Therminol™ and Dowtherm™ are used in parabolic troughs and require supplemental heating during the evening hours to maintain process temperatures.

3Feedwater HEating Systems
Heats and circulates high temperature and high pressure water for preheating steam generator.

4Electric Auxiliary Boilers
Provide initial steam demand for turbine seals and provides steam when heat recovery steam generator (HRSG) is not in operation.

5Steam Superheaters
Preheat seal glands on steam turbines and used to boost steam quality where required.

6Fuel Gas Heaters
Heat incoming fuel gas streams for gas turbines and internal combustion engines which may be integrated with Concentrated Solar Plant.


7Heat Trace System
Mineral insulated heat trace cables are used to maintain molten temperatures within process piping.

8Tubular Heater Assemblies
Customized tubular electric heater assemblies are used where additional heat input above what mineral insulated cable can provide are required.

9Demineralized Water Firewater, and Chemical Solution Storage Tank Heaters
Immersion heaters used for freeze protection and temperature maintenance.

10Comfort Heater
Building, turbine enclosures, and pump house heating for freeze protection and personnel heating.

11Tank Air Volume Heating
Air duct heaters used to prevent molten salt storage tank stratification.

12Collection Oven Heating
Tubular heating elements provide supplemental heating for the collection oven area.

Circulation Heaters

Chromalox circulation heaters afford high-energy efficiency, fast heating, and uniform heat distribution for numerous plant heating applications. They provide high turn-down capability, tight outlet temperature control, and variable flow rates. A variety of electrical terminal enclosures is available to meet the requirements of your application.

Immersion Heaters

The stainless steel sheath elements and thermowells in our flanged and screw plug immersion heaters are ideal for process water applications. A wide variety of ANSI and customized flanges and element lengths is available with ratings up to 500 kW. A patented 360° rotatable housing is available on most models of our screw p lug models to facilitate easy conduit connections.


Designed for use with organic fluids to transfer heat at high temperatures and low pressures, Chromalox pre-engineered, prewired, and pre-piped packages are designed for flexible, dependable, and efficient operation. All units are ASME-certified to 150 psi at 750°F (400°C) with 300 lb construction throughout. Seal-welded element design eliminates leaks and improves serviceability. Available with over-pressure, process, remote, or skid-mounted controls.

Heat Transfer Systems

Our hot oil and water systems are safe, versatile, user-friendly self-contained heating and cooling packages that provide direct or indirect process heating. Pre-engineered and constructed with carefully matched components, these systems eliminate component selection and assembly, and provide easy installation and trouble-free operation.

Heat Trace and Controls

Heat trace is used to counteract the heat loss from process equipment and piping through its insulation, to prevent solution precipitation and the increase of viscosity or solidification of product, and to provide freeze protection. Chromalox offers a variety of heat trace cable; temperature control, monitoring, and management in one, modular package; and all of the necessary components needed to complete the installation, including splices, power connection boxes, and water-resistant end-seal terminations.

Component Heaters

Component heaters can be used by themselves and they can be integrated into more complex heating systems providing a complete thermal solution for your heating requirements. Shape and size most often are the determining factor in most heater applications. Chromalox carries the widest selection of standard component heaters in many shapes, sizes, and wattages.

Control Systems

From basic, low-cost temperature and process controllers, to monitors and overtemperature controls, to more sophisticated control systems like the Chromalox® intelliPANEL™ 3-phase SCR power control panel featuring unique color touchscreen technology, Chromalox can design the right system for your plant’s needs. We are the only heating element supplier offering a complete line of controls, control panels, and accessories.

Tank Heaters

Specially designed to fit high-temperature and corrosive applications. Chromalox offers multiple products for large stationary, small portable, and underground tanks for just about any material and location.

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